The Hoodie Culture for First Responders: Why Does it Matter?

A hoody, also spelled as a hoodie, is a sweatshirt that comes with a hood to help cover the head. These unique clothing items are generally known to have a soft muff sewn atop the sweatshirt’s lower front. It also comes with a drawstring for adjusting the hood’s opening. As stylish as they are, these hoodies also make up for an amazing collection for the first responders as well as the ones that love and appreciate the efforts made by the first responders.

But, before we understand how the safety green hoodie works as a part of your EMS shirts collection, let us dive a bit into the brief history of how these hoodies came into being.

Hoodie: The History You Ought to Know

Talking about its origin, this word “hood” is derived from the word “hod,” which is an Anglo-Saxon term that also derives its ultimate meaning from the English word “Hat.” This particular garment style & form can distinctively be traced all the way back to Medieval Europe. This was when normal monk clothing came with a hood termed as a cowl, which is attached to the robe or tunic.

Apart from this, a hooded cape or chaperon was worn particularly commonly by the outdoor workers.

Now that we know the story behind the Hoodie let us dive into the ways these hoodies can amp up your wardrobe while serving as a comfortable item for the EMS service providers and appreciators.

Why should you own a hoodie?

Hoodies became extremely popular in the early era of the 1990s, with little to major changes brought to its style. With a fashion evolution, hoodies have become an important part of most wardrobes in the country. Today, it is usual to see men and even women wearing this stylish clothing item for a cool and casual look.

So, why not bring this taste to the wardrobe of first responders or the much-appreciated “heroes” of our nation?

Listed down are some of the reasons that make it important to choose a safety green hoodie to add an “Oomph” factor to your wardrobe.

Top Reasons that Make Hoodies an Important Part of Your First Responder’s Wardrobe Collection


Hoodies are ideal to be worn during the cold, chilly months. They provide a sense and feeling of warmth while they fit in perfectly well regardless of the attire you plan to wear for the day. While hoodies are amazing for casual settings, they can fit equally well on occasions that you feel might make you stay out for too late, and the nights might get chilly as you get back to your warm home.

You can plan to style your hoodie with light attire & they will surely give you one amazing look as opposed to wearing dressy vests or knitted jumpers that could be a tad heavy for long term usage. Additionally, you might also want to have a well-fitted hoodie by your side during the travels. This is due to the fact that the weather might take abrupt change as you travel.

So, the next time you feel cold and things start getting chilly out in the open, make sure you get a soft, safety green hoodie to get rid of those chilling goosebumps.

2-Versatile Dressing:

Another amazing advantage of using a hoodie is the fact that a hoodie can serve as a versatile dressing option. It can practically be paired with anything and everything unless you plan to top it up with a sweater or sports hoodie.

You can select to wear the safety green hoodie with your khakis, chinos, as well as jeans. All these types of pants look amazing when worn with the hoodies without compromising on the style element.

Now, talking about the shoes, these hoodies can be worn with a range of options starting from sneakers all the way to boating shoes, and you can still maintain a classy and stylish look. This particular aspect brought in by the hoodie makes it perfect to transition or switch from one quick cozy look to one that requires a picnic outing with friends on a cold, winter morning.

With a safety green hoodie, you get access to a versatile friend that loves to amp up your wardrobe for years to come.

3-Comfort Factor:

The safety green hoodie is created from the softest of fabric material that renders it all the more comfortable to be worn for long hours. Wearing this hoodie surely feels like wearing a warm and soft blanket that keeps you safe and comfortable all day long.

Additionally, if you are someone who loves to listen to music on the commute, you would surely understand how frustrating it can be when your earphones fall down every now and then, especially if they have an ill-fitted design. Hoodies are an amazing clothing item for music lovers as they can be worry-free about your earphones falling down or off your ear during your commute.

4-Sense of Privacy:

Another aspect that makes hoodies an ideal choice for daily wear is the fact that it is perfect for privacy maintenance. If you are a shy and introvert kind of person, who doesn’t want to interact with people on the commute or anywhere else, the hoodies are a perfect fit.

Additionally, you can add the hoodies to your getup in case there is a stain that you plan to hide or something that doesn’t look good plain and boring without these wearables. The safety green hoodie snuggles you in a well-fitted manner and keeps you away from the hustle of the world while keeping you cozy and warm for the entire time you wear it.

5-Style Factor:

Hoodies serve as a perfect addition to the wardrobe you plan on updating while enhancing your style sense. In case you don’t own a hoodie, get one for yourself, and flaunt it with confidence. A hoodie can serve as a stylish and trending alternative for sweaters. If you are someone who hates the bulkiness of sweaters, these hoodies stand perfect for your styling requirements.

An amazing thing about the hoodies is the fact that you can choose to wear any design or color, and they will still keep the style sense intact. However, you need to keep in mind the fact that opting to wear the hoodie paired with a daily-wear coat can be a big mistake if the hoodie is bulky. The hoodie needs to fit just right and no bulk-out to create a stylish enough look.


When looking for a quick update to your style game, a safety green hoodie is something you should definitely opt for. As you shop for your favorite hoodie, make sure you check for the material used as well as sizing to get a comfy and perfect fit.

Are you wondering where you can find the best safety green hoodie to update your wardrobe? At EMS Shirts, we bring to you unique options to amp up your style game while imparting a sense of appreciation for the first responders that play a major role in the safety and security of the citizens of the country. We have an extensive collection of some of the best clothing items that are dedicated to the first responders and emergency service providers. Shop right away and keep checking the website for some amazing discounts.

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